Saturday, 21 September 2013


These are not the best days for Chelsea FC and their supporters. The recent lost to Everton in a Premier League game and a home loss to Base in their Champions League opener is beginning to weigh heavily on the squad.

Jose Mourinho

However, Mourinho says it is bound to take time for his methods to work following his return to Stamford Bridge, adding that he is unconcerned by his side's recent run of form.

"Scrutiny is normal," he said. "I have been in football for a long time so I have learned not to be surprised by scrutiny, for there to be opinions and critics. I am not surprised, I am not worried.

"For me it is not a crisis. It is two bad results. I have a job to do. I know where I want to go and the steps I have to take.

"When you want to build something different and players are adapted, comfortable with philosophy for years before, it's more difficult.

"I don't like the way Chelsea were playing the last couple of years, the club didn't like it. We have the players to change, we want to play a different style."

Mourinho's men will be eager to get back on track when they host Fulham on Saturday, but Chelsea have won just one of their last five Premier League meetings with their west London neighbours.

The team no doubt will be under tremendous pressure to get back to winning ways. While getting back is in order, suggestions by some Jose's critics that he is beginning to lose technical and tactical prowess are out of place and too early. Like Jose said, "the end will justify his game plan."

The squad is young and full of tremendous potentials. It will take a few more games for them to fully blend and move in the direction Jose is charting for them.

When that happens, the talk that there is crisis in the squad will disappear the way it started. 

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