Thursday, 26 September 2013


When a promising young player is learning the game, the most valuable advice will often come from an experienced team-mate, a coach or someone who has been there and done it all. Not many, though, can boast a direct line to one of Nigeria’s most celebrated sons, Jay-Jay Okocha. Alex Iwobi is in a privileged position

Meet Alex Iwobi, the nephew of the two-time African Footballer of the Year.

 What more can we tell you about him?

Here are five facts that will tell you more about this promising lad …
1) Iwobi started out more as a winger but has moved into the centre of midfield recently - playing just behind the striker.
2) Iwobi has been with the club for almost ten years. The 17-year-old has been a Gunner since the tender age of eight.
3) The young starlet was born in Lagos, Nigeria but has represented England at youth team level in the past. So far he has played at under-16 and under-17 level.
4) Iwobi comes into the game in good form - despite not featuring with the Under-21’s until this season. He scored in the recent UEFA Youth League triumph against Marseille - in which Serge Gnabry bagged a brace.
5) Iwobi has an uncle who is ‘so good they named him twice’. That’s right, Nigeria and Bolton legend Jay Jay Okocha can call Iwobi his nephew. Iwobi, who is of Nigerian descent, has stated in the past that he has always been able to turn to his uncle for advice, and a kickabout:

Iwobi has always tried to learn from his famous uncle, whether that is talking on the phone or getting a more hands-on demonstration at family gatherings. And judging by his encouraging start to the new season, Iwobi is learning fast.

"When he was playing for Bolton I used to play with him in his back garden. I also used to go and watch him when he was at Bolton and a little bit when he was at Hull."

Did you watch him play for Arsenal in the capital One game recently?

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  1. Some cheeringNews for naija.

  2. Hope to see him regularly play for Arsenal.

  3. Nigeria is blessed with abundant talents.

  4. Good to have someone show you the way, someone to look up to and get learnings from. Naija better begin to court him early enough before he taken away from us to play for the English National team for good.