Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Crisis in football does not have a permanent place. It appears to have moved to Old Trafford.

Following their shocking mauling at the Etihad over the weekend,Manchester United fans in Nigeria appear to be unison in their demand that only a win over Liverpool will assuage their feelings.

How did we get it wrong?

Speaking to some of the fans who were at the popular Ojota Newspaper stand discussing the club’s recent performance and the game ahead against Liverpool, SPORTING 22 could sense the rage in the fans and the embarrassment they feel.
A good number of them believe that David Moyes was poor in his selection and tactical approach to the game against Manchester City and subsequently heaped all the blame on him.

Moyes down but not out

The fans expect Moyes to come up with an exceptional game plan in order to overhaul Liverpool in Capital One match billed for Wednesday night.
The feeling is not different across the country. Most of the Sports programs monitored by our crew indicate that only a win over a big club (Liverpool happens to be the next in line) will endear fans to Moyes, albeit momentarily.

Do you believe in the ability of Moyes to bring back Manchester United to winning ways? Do you think Manchester United will beat Liverpool in the Capital One game tomorrow?

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