Sunday, 22 September 2013


No bookmaker would have seen it coming, the demolition that happened at the Etihad in what was a one sided affair. Manchester United and their former 'noisy neighbours', Manchester City took to the pitch to lock horns and to give fans some Sunday action. This is one match the players, David Moyes and the fans will not forget in a hurry.

Aguero scores the opening goal

one up
 As the match got under way, City charged and tore at Man U. It was nothing short of humiliation. David Moyes was stuck on his seat for the better part of second half and looked liked a man who suddenly came under attack from an opponent with superior fire power.

Yaya was on target

At 4-0 up, City’s ambition flagged. Like all good teams they knew the job was done and the  outcome no longer in doubt.

Nasir's perfect punch

They stopped tearing at United, stopped swarming over them in midfield, stopped bullying them back into their own half and settled. 
Even then, it took a wondrous free-kick from Wayne Rooney to put United on the score sheet.

It will interest you to know that this particularly derby was over seen by two new managers,Manuel Pellegrini and David Moyes. At the last count, Manchester City have the upper hands in recent derby games winning five of those and Manchester United winning just one.

Moyes had a horrible nightmare
Are you a Manchester fan, what do think went wrong with the team?

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